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GAC Middle School Students Serve in Tuba City, Arizona
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GAC Middle School Students Serve in Tuba City, Arizona

GAC Middle School students recently embarked on a transformative mission trip to Tuba City, Arizona where they served the Navajo community and experienced spiritual growth while connecting with local residents. The trip was filled with meaningful activities, community engagement, and breathtaking moments of appreciation for God's creations.

Day 1: The journey began with the team's arrival in Phoenix, followed by a quick stop at Walmart to gather supplies. After reaching Tuba City late at night, the students took a quick tour and went to bed. The first full day in Tuba City began with a church service, followed by Navajo tacos for lunch, and quality time with the children from the local community. The students were overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the chance to witness the beauty of God's creations at Coal Mine Canyon during a devotional time.

Day 2: The second day brought an early start as the team prepared for a productive workday in Flagstaff. Their primary task involved gathering wood and loading it onto trucks, which would later be distributed to locals who require it to heat their homes during winter. Through their collective efforts, the students witnessed Jesus working among them, fostering teamwork and cooperation. After completing their duties, the group delighted in a dinner together and had the opportunity to experience the serene sand dunes at sunset. The evening concluded with journaling and engaging in the lively game of 9 Square, followed by a group devotional.

Day 3: On this day, the students engaged in repairing an abandoned sweat lodge, which had remained unused since 2019. The challenging work involved removing debris and digging holes to reinforce the lodge's structure. Simultaneously, another group stayed at the Navajo Reservation, diligently splitting wood collected in previous days. Later, the team visited the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, allowing them to appreciate God's creations and reflect on His presence in their lives. The day concluded with a delicious dinner and dessert.

Day 4: The students embarked on a thrilling kayaking adventure at Lake Powell, where they journeyed into Utah and enjoyed the exhilarating experience of cliff jumping. Afterward, they indulged in a satisfying lunch at Pacos Tacos in Page. Returning to Tuba City, the team attended a sweat lodge ceremony. Once the lava rocks were heated and the lodge was ready, the Pastor of Tuba City Church of Christ explained to students what was going to happen during the three rounds. First, for the body. Second, for the mind. Third, for the soul. This was a memorable experience and allowed students to pray for others. Upon returning, the team shared a late dinner and participated in a final devotion, where they received Navajo tradition-inspired second names and arrowhead necklaces as mementos of their remarkable experience.

The mission trip to Arizona left a mark on GAC Middle School Students and the community they served. The journey fostered a strong sense of community, deepened their faith, and instilled a lasting appreciation for God's blessings. The students returned home with cherished memories and an eagerness to continue serving others in the spirit of Christ. We are so proud of our students for sharing their gifts and developing as global citizens!

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