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GAC Mock Trial Season Recap
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GAC Mock Trial Season Recap

In the 2022 case, provided by the State Bar of Georgia, a man left his friend at the pump getting gas and walked into a mini-mart at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning. The store clerk pulled a gun from her bag and shot at him. She chased him out the door and fired 3 more times until he was lying dead in the parking lot. Is the clerk guilty of felony murder?  

A mock trial team prepares and takes both sides of the case to competition. At each trial, teams earn points and constructive criticism from “jurors” who are real practicing attorneys and judges from across the State. More than 150 schools in Georgia typically participate in Mock Trial competitions in county courthouses. 

This season, the GAC Mock Trial program expanded to two separate teams so that more of our high school students could experience the competition. We participated in twelve (12) total trials this season, a record for the school.

Because both teams were excellent, GAC was named both Champion and 2nd Place in Region 9, and advanced to the District Competition.

In addition, GAC students earned an amazing number of individual awards for performance during the trials.

Outstanding Attorney awards: Chloe Challas (2), Vincent Huynh (2), Sally Le (2), Amir Barrie, Ry Williams

Outstanding Witness awards: Mia Trocchi (3), Chloe Challas (2), Vincent Huynh

Members of the 2022 Team:

Seniors: Chloe Challas, Vincent Huynh, Sally Le, Gia-An Maynard, Lynn Sim, Mia Trocchi

Juniors: Sam Aguirre, Amir Barrie, Cecile Nguyen, Bailey Solano

Sophomores: Antonia Rowe, Akhil Sarikonda, Mya Velazquez, Ry Williams

Freshmen: Ellie Challas, Brielle Givan, Amaan Khalaf

Faculty Coaches: Mary Lynn Huett, Esq. and Mandy Richey 

Community Coaches: Joi Fairell, Esq.Hon. Tangela Barrie, and Elizabeth Davenport, Esq.

Community coaches are local attorneys and judges who volunteer to work with the team and collectively spend hundreds of hours with GAC mock trial students throughout the season from September to March. Their dedication and contribution of time to GAC is invaluable to the program and the community.

Mock Trial is a competitive academic team that teaches public speaking, critical thinking, and the art of forming a persuasive, cohesive argument. The experience helps students learn courtroom procedures, rules of evidence, and gain a basic understanding of the legal mechanism through which society chooses to resolve many of its disputes. GAC Mock Trial students tend to leave for college more self-confident and armed with tools to solve complex problems.

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