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GAC Summer League Basketball Tournament
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GAC Summer League Basketball Tournament

Throughout the month of June, the GAC Basketball program hosted a summer league tournament in the Long Forum. This was a great opportunity for some of GAC’s younger basketball players to be featured in new roles that provide a challenge. 

Teams across the metro Atlanta area brought their freshmen and JV basketball players to come compete in multiple games. The Long Forum was split into two courts and two games occurred at the same time. With a running clock and streamlined officiating, teams were able to get more reps against opponents than they typically would. Player development and building team chemistry were two primary goals for each school involved. 

“We are blessed to have such amazing facilities at GAC so I wanted to make sure we were really able to host a special event and give some great programs across Georgia an opportunity to compete and get better all summer,” said JV Head Basketball Coach Basil Peterson. 

"This years JV squad is very talented and really special. The time they spent competing this summer in our gym was incredibly beneficial. The league really was a success and the boys got better playing against great competition. Hopefully this is something we can continue to grow and improve on and host at GAC for years to come."

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