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GAC is a great school.

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Young Learners Expansion Project: Investing in the Next Generation of Spartans
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Young Learners Expansion Project: Investing in the Next Generation of Spartans

The Young Learners program is an integral part of the Greater Atlanta Christian School mission to help our youngest Spartans grow as Jesus did. Children, infants to three years olds, are cared for in a loving environment which combines a strong academic foundation, faith-filled curriculum, and the hours of traditional daycare. Now in its eighth year, Young Learners provides the best of both worlds.

As demand continues to increase, physical expansion and facility improvements are needed to accommodate a growing enrollment. Young Learners has become a critical strategic starting point for mission-aligned families. We believe it is important to invest in Young Learners for the continued success of each child. Now is the time to invest in our youngest Spartans!

Physical expansion and facility improvements are needed to:

  • Provide a more secure entrance for our Young Learners.
  • Incorporate innovative redesign elements to create a new indoor play area and outdoor learning space.
  • Optimize classroom square footage and increase functionality, natural light, and aesthetics that encourage imagination and curiosity.  

Support the Vision

Through every phase of growth, GAC community members have been drawn together by a common vision and shared hope for the future. It is because of what Christ has done, what He is doing, and what He has prepared, that we have been able to trust in a vision that provides hope for a better tomorrow.

After years of prayerful consideration, refection, and evaluation of the current environment, GAC leadership has cast a vision for new growth that will produce a lasting impact on current and future generations of young Spartans. We invite our community to join in this vision for the future by making an investment in the Young Learners Expansion project. Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this important project.

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