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Jordan Williams '15: Leader and Entrepreneur
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Jordan Williams '15: Leader and Entrepreneur

From a young age, Jordan Williams ‘15 has been known as a quiet leader who passionately pursues creative challenges without seeking praise or notoriety. A current senior at the University of Pennsylvania, Jordan has already launched a clothing line and authored several books. Among peers and professors, he is known as a humble and accomplished young man who is always looking for ways to contribute.

Jordan’s interest in entrepreneurship was sparked at a young age when he and former GAC student, Brandon Iverson, attended their parents’ business meetings. At age 10, Williams and Iverson started their first business called Kids Toys Inc., where they sold old toys and games online, navigating the world of e-commerce together. When they were 13, they created Making Money Teens, an educational company with books and CDs geared towards explaining business topics to a younger audience, they said. In an effort to promote the same message to their current generation, they pursued the fashion industry.

In high school, Wiliams and Iverson launched a new partnership as co-founders of Young Moguls, a fashion brand of affordable, urban clothing for the business savvy individual. “A young mogul mindset [is] someone that’s really focused on their goals and has the courage to take initiative, get involved and be successful,” Williams said. “We’re trying to not make it just from a business standpoint, but whatever their passion is, whether it’s music or writing, we want them to be try and be a mogul.”

Since then, the business has grown and receives orders from around the world. Today, it’s a registered brand with a trademark, and it receives money from online orders and donations from media outlets like the “Steve Harvey Show.” Iverson notes, “With our clothing line, we’ve been able to inspire so many young entrepreneurs to start their own companies and know that they can turn their dreams into a reality, and that’s just really gratifying”.

After graduating from GAC, Jordan enrolled at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He commits to creating a positive impact in his community through his entrepreneurial ventures, and has since published several books as a college student.

His recent book, Breaking the System: Unlocking Your Limitless Potential is a guide for readers to find their true passions and to push against societal norms of success while creating change in the world, covering topics such as spirituality, physical health, and mental wellness.

"This book is a better representation of where I feel like where I am in my life, where it's more-so about creative work and passion in life than just business and making money,” Williams said.

The idea for the book came to him in December 2018, and he started writing in January, setting aside time to work on the book every night and weekend. He said the hardest part of the process came once he finished writing when he had to find an editor and gather funds to copyright and print the book. 

Williams’ work-study advisor Susan McMullen, director of alumni and student engagement in Wharton's Jay H. Baker Retailing Center, described him as a "driving force" and a "quiet leader" on campus.  

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