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Kendall Robinson '18 hosts Atlanta Art Show
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Kendall Robinson '18 hosts Atlanta Art Show

Kendall Robinson '18 is a professional portrait artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated in May 2022 from Howard University with a B.F.A. in Painting. 

Kendall recently unveiled her painting series at her inaugural Atlanta Solo Art Show on August 26. The exhibition is titled "Soleil: Sharing Our Stories". The event was hosted by Buzz Coffee and Winehouse and her exhibition will be on display for several months. 

On her artwork, Kendall says, "I specifically paint people I know to showcase the beauty I see in them while hopefully prompting them to see the beauty within themselves."

During her time at GAC, Kendall was a talented student in the academic classroom and the art studio. For those interested in following Kendall's artistic journey, you can find her work on Instagram under the handle @fineartbykendallrobinson.

Congratulations, Kendall, on a beautiful art show!

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