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Landyn Foxworthy ‘13 - Co-Founder of The ColLab
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Landyn Foxworthy ‘13 - Co-Founder of The ColLab

Landyn Foxworthy ‘13 - Co-Founder of The ColLab

Location: Milton, GA

College: Auburn University

Landyn Foxworthy, a GAC “lifer”, was involved in many student activities such as volleyball, visual arts, and mission trips to Africa. Senior year, she earned the superlative of “Most School Spirit”. Landyn received her bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in 2018 at Auburn University. She began her educational career in Killarney, Ireland, then returned to Georgia to teach at a Christian school. While there, she led after-school academic support classes and coached volleyball. Landyn saw opportunities and gaps with how education is changing and began to have big dreams beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Landyn co-founded The ColLab, an enrichment workshop organization that supports academic, emotional, and social needs in a small, collaborative setting. Located in Milton, GA, The ColLab creates a community of incredible teachers that inspire through hands-on learning. Sessions range from labs in art, science, tech, and cooking, to etiquette, speech and articulation, music and movement, handwriting, creative performance, and more.

In the fall of 2022, GAC partnered with The ColLab for an alumni family event on campus with STEM and arts sessions for kids led by Landyn and her team.

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