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Ransom Jones '18 achieves success at UGA in pharmaceutical sciences
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Ransom Jones '18 achieves success at UGA in pharmaceutical sciences
Ransom Jones ‘18 achieved a significant milestone by earning his Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Georgia in May of 2023. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in pharmaceutical sciences with a minor in biology from UGA in 2022. Jones was inspired to pursue a career in medicine due to his personal connection to his brother, who was born with severe cerebral palsy. His aspirations are to eradicate diseases and improve the overall quality of life through new medicines.
While studying at UGA, Jones worked as a research assistant in the College of Pharmacy Drug Discovery lab, researching novel carbocyclic nucleotide analog synthesis for antiviral and anticancer purposes. His dedication and commitment to his work were supported by his receipt of the CURO assistantship, which provided financial aid, and gave him a platform to present his research findings.
“I have gained so much experience and confidence in my ability to work as a scientist. Multi-step synthesis is a complex process. Through my experience, I have completed hard multi-step reactions, utilized complex analytical techniques and instruments, learned how to interpret and report data, among countless other things. My learning has gone beyond the lab. I was introduced to academic articles and databases where I have been able to read advancements in drug discovery, breakthroughs in medicine, and other scientific achievements,” says Jones.
Jones is passionate about humanitarianism. He says, “we are all on this planet together, no matter your culture, societal status, nation of birth or way of life. I believe we should have a common interest in trying to make the time we have on this planet enjoyable.” His work to eradicate diseases and disorders affecting the world via participating in the creation of novel drugs/treatments aims to benefit humanity by improving the quality of life for many populations.
Currently, Jones works as an Analytical Scientist at Mikart LLC in Atlanta, focusing on product development for drug substances and drug products. Additionally, in May of 2023, he married Lindsey Hall, fellow class of 2018 GAC graduate and Pediatric RN at Egleston Children's Hospital.
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