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The Varsity Golf Program Hosts the SINE School From Denmark
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The Varsity Golf Program Hosts the SINE School From Denmark

Starting in 2015, the Varsity Golf program at GAC had developed a relationship with the SINE School (officially Sportsefterskolen SINE) in Denmark. The SINE School is an independent school that was established in 1997, with a goal to provide high school freshmen and sophomores a year of sports academy training before heading to attend public high schools in Denmark. The SINE School offers football (soccer), ski, dance, fitness, handball, badminton and golf.  Each spring, SINE students embark on what we would call “learning excursions” to such places as Aspen, Miami, New York, Thailand, Malaysia and Atlanta. 

After a hiatus due to the global pandemic, the Varsity Golf program had the opportunity again to host several students from the SINE School in March. They experienced the city of Atlanta, but also had a chance to interact and stay with several of our GAC student golfers. The SINE students shadowed several Spartans on campus last week going from classes, to practice after school, to back home with their respective "host families." 

"GAC Golf has had the honor of giving these Danish golfers a cultural experience in the US by hosting them in two golf matches at Smoke Rise Country Club.  But more importantly, these golfers have been staying in GAC golfer’s homes, treating them to home-cooked, southern meals and Waffle House. In addition, each SINE golfer was paired up with a GAC golfer and allowed to shadow Wednesday’s classes.  Overall, it was a fantastic experience for both the SINE kids, as well as the GAC student athletes," said Varsity Head Coach Gary Richey. 


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