Faculty to Study Breakthrough Educational Science

GAC has invited Dr. Mariale Hardiman of Johns Hopkins University School of Education onto our campus for a 2-day professional development conference in May of 2019. Dr. Hardiman is an expert on the emerging science of neuro-education, which studies how students learn rather than what they learn. She will teach our faculty how the brain acquires and retains information so that we can better design instructional methods, environments, and student feedback to maximize student potential. 

Dr. Hardiman’s book, The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools, will serve as the backbone for the educational philosophies and strategies she will share with GAC faculty. “Successful schools of the 21st century must reflect the growing evidence from the learning sciences about how students think and learn…Just as muscles are strengthened with repeated exercise, brain networks are strengthened with repeated use,” she writes.
GAC President Dr. Harsh said, “We are so pleased to host Dr. Hardiman. Research shows that with careful strategy, the right environment, and intentional, good practices, the brain itself can be modified. Encourage your students to take risks and to embrace learning opportunities. At GAC, we believe that developing these dispositions in our students will better prepare them for their current and future endeavors.”