Junior High

Junior High is one of the most formative times in a student’s life.

Students in grades 6-8 are given the opportunity to accept increasing amounts of responsibility and independence in an academically challenging environment. We prepare them for their high school years. Students and teachers work together in a climate of respect and collaborative learning.

Junior High students move from class to class each day and are guided and mentored by subject specialists; most educators in the Junior High have their master’s degree in their respective field of study. It is a learning community where creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration are emphasized. We understand that learning styles are different for each student. Our faculty works with your child to help determine their individual learning style.

Students are encouraged to explore their interests through a wide variety of courses in both academics and fine arts (see Program of Study, PLUS1). Junior High also provides numerous opportunities for students in missions and service. The faculty and administrators in Junior High values each individual and encourages students to take risks and become an active participant in their own education.

Exploration, Confidence, Community

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Junior High Leaders

Dean of Students Dana Davis
Principal Brian Dolinger
Assistant Principal Julie Varney


Administrative Assistant