Greater preparation today for the workplace of tomorrow

STEAM is certainly one of the hottest buzzwords in education today. At GAC, our STEAM curriculum is focused on cultivating the knowledge and skills required in 21st century STEAM fields, while remaining rooted in a deep and abiding faith. Many of our science faculty members hold advanced degrees in science and are steadfast men and women of faith. It is our goal in STEAM at GAC that our students’ faith be strengthened through the honest pursuit of scientific truth.
STEAM is synonymous with tangible experience: our students are constantly given the opportunity to get their hands and feet dirty through engaging labs, field trips, learning excursions, and study abroad programs. We value field experience and pragmatic skills equally with content knowledge and theoretical understanding.   
Our curriculum encourages students to imagine, create, design, and evaluate within GAC's rich and rigorous liberal arts program. We believe that students are capable of handling a great STEAM curriculum without sacrificing other vital parts of their educational experience. 
Good STEAM education is a creative process and not just the recitation of facts and figures. Tomorrow’s leaders must be more than mere number-crunchers: computers and artificial intelligence can do that. We want our students to act responsibly, live humanely, think critically, and lead effectively. When students graduate from Greater Atlanta Christian School, they enter higher education and careers fully ready to take on the STEAM challenges of the wider world.