The sciences offer a grand opportunity to study the marvel of God's handiwork. No one should do it better than Christian schools.

GAC has made a powerful commitment of time, resources, and energy to a new STEAM initiative that will shape learning in powerful new ways in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Fall down four times, get up five. STEAM learning encourages students to learn from their experiences, reflect on choices and improve the next time around. We are doubling our STEAM learning resources, making holistic, informed and energetic progress possible.

New STEAM resources:

  • Renovations are underway in the SciTech building including a green roof and solar panels
  • New, specialized classrooms for a new engineering and robotics lab
  • A full renovation and expansion for Fields Science Hall
  • New equipment for all new learning spaces as well as the science labs in the Junior High building
  • Elementary students will learn outside the classroom in the new Floating Classroom; students will study ecology and marine sciences in the field
  • The existing menu of offerings in the Junior High will continue to expand as we bring new courses to life like coding and robotics
  • Additional resources will be focused on the intentional integration and alignment of our curriculum across all schools, from our youngest learners through our seniors
  • We will be pouring into our educators, providing them with additional training and learning opportunities
  • We are doubling the STEAM-focused learning space on campus

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