International Students

Thank you for your interest in Greater Atlanta Christian School.

GAC values its international students and seeks to offer them a well-rounded educational experience in a supportive environment. Since our program is rich in academic rigor, students are required to be proficient in English. A TOEFL score is preferred. International students living with a parent or a host family must fill out the forms listed and explained below. All international students from China should contact Three W International for admissions consideration.

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  • International Students Living in U.S. with a Parent:

    International students who will live full-time with a parent while in the U.S. attending school may go through the regular application process. It is important that the parent be proficient in English and able to communicate with the school when necessary. Both the student and the parent will be part of the interview process.

    General International Requirements:
    • All international applicants under a student visa must have arrangements, prior to applying for grades 9-12, to live with a parent who is in partnership with the mission of GAC. The parent must be able to participate in the interview for any student to be accepted.
    • All documentation for international applicants must be received in English and, for 9-12th grade applicants, must be in Carnegie units.
    • International students must provide current valid passport.
    • There is no ESL support; students must arrive already proficient in English.
    Payment Expectations:
    • All application and testing fees
    • Upon enrollment, a non-refundable $5,000 deposit is required.
    • $2000 Administrative fee in addition to tuition
  • International Students Requiring a Home-Stay Program:

    Greater Atlanta Christian School partners with Three W International ( to provide international students with a home-stay program. We value the entire experience of our international students, not just the academic school day. GAC understands that a supportive home environment is critical to student success. Three W will place international students in the home of a current GAC-aligned family who embraces the mission of the school and supports the international student in both academic and extra-curricular pursuits. These students must apply through Three W International. GAC partners with Three W International to enroll international students from China. If you are a student, parent, or agent from the region of China and are interested in applying to Greater Atlanta Christian School, please contact them by clicking here. Please view our Chinese Brochure.

    Three W International Partnership Requirements:
    Operating in Agreement with Three W International Program and Home-Stay Host Family, the tuition for grades 9-12 is $54,175. 

    Fees do not include personal spending money, cell phone service, phone calls and personal belongings.

    Payment expectations:
    • $10,000 deposit after generating pre-acceptance letter
    • Balance payable 4 weeks before arrival
  • Requirements for Living with a Non-Family Guardian:

    Because of the importance of a supportive home environment, GAC does not encourage international applicants who wish to come stay with a non-family guardian. In rare cases, these students can be considered for admission. It is significantly more difficult to be accepted in this situation. In order to be considered, guardians must go through an application and interview process as well.

    Payment Expectations:
    • $2000 Administrative fee in addition to tuition
    In order to be considered to live-in with a guardian, the guardian must be designated at the time of the application and:
    • Must be proficient in English
    • Must attend GAC interview as part of the admission process
    • Must have guardianship documentation
    • Must provide two years of tax returns to ensure financial stability
    • Must be in partnership with the mission of GAC
    • Must agree to support student in all extra-curricular pursuits and regular church attendance
    • Must remain in the U.S. for the entire length of the student's stay
    • Must complete an application for guardianship (available upon request)


Teresa Harsh
International Program Coordinator
Donna Pate
International Student Counselor and College Counselor

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