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GAC is a great school.

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Chapel and Student Ministry

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Grow in your relationship with God and others. 

From chapel to our annual Spiritual Retreats, there is a strong focus on faith-development and relationships at GAC. Student Ministry is the heart of all we do at GAC. 

Spiritual Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the distractions of life and engage with each other. Students hear from special teachers, connect in small groups, worship, play, and laugh together. 

Our middle and lower school students also had a great start to their year. Next Friday, (August 26) is our Middle School Spiritual Retreat. The on-campus retreat is high-energy and is always a highlight for our middle school students. Please join me in praying for their retreat. 

"In Jesus, God has given himself for us, and if we’re to be a community that is growing “closer” to God,
it’ll only happen as the Spirit conforms us to be more and more like Jesus, giving ourselves for one another, thinking of one another as more important than ourselves."

Dr. Paul Cable, GAC Bible Teacher  

Spiritual Retreats

GAC’s Spiritual Retreats create spaces for Spartans to be more than students and friends. It opens the door for real relationships extending past friend groups and familiar faces. Most importantly, it opens the door even wider to our ever-growing connection with the Lord.


Justin Bagwell
Director of Spiritual Life