Stock & Securities

List of 3 items.

  • Gifting Stock to Greater Atlanta Christian School

    Gifting Stock to Greater Atlanta Christian School
    1. Prior to the gifting date, please notify Jodi Webb (GACS) of the impending transaction.

      Jodi Webb – Stewardship Manager 770-243-2208 

    2. Include the donor's name, stock name, and the number of stock shares.
    3. If you know the anticipated transaction date, please include it as well. 
  • Delivering via a broker, mutual fund manager, or transfer agent

    Include Morgan Stanley’s Smith Barney’s DTC number and GACS’s account number

    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s DTC number: 0015
    Greater Atlanta Christian School Account number: 308-106121-747 
  • Actual sending of stock certificates

    Please send to Billy Schroer at Smith Barney

    Billy Schroer
    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 3280 Peachtree Road, Suite 1900 Phone - 404-266-6600
    FAX – 404-935-9851