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Summer Assignments

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Staying engaged academically is important, even in the summer. We have developed learning expectations that keep our students connected to books while leaving plenty of time for other pursuits.

Expectations involve a blend of required and optional reading choices and other assignments, depending on grade level and class registration. Once you’ve taken time to view your grade level expectations and find you still have questions feel free to reach out to Allison Anderson (Village – 5th) or Bonnie Baker (6th – 12th).  Thank you for making learning a part of your summer experience!

To spend time during the summer focusing and improving on reading comprehension, read these tips and advice from Media Specialist Bonnie Baker. 



Allison Anderson
Elementary Summer Reading

Bonnie Baker
Middle and High School Summer Reading

Rhonda Helms
Elementary Summer Interactive Math Packets

Lauren Hollier
MS Additional Math and Reading Summer Opportunities

Yvonnette Lewis
French Summer Assignments

Hayden Lane
Latin Summer Assignments

Lana Garner
Spanish Summer Assignments

Robert Lindsay
AP Human Geography Summer Assignments

Jay Hamilton
Physics Summer Assignments

Joann Waldrop
Biology Summer Assignments

Tom Meeker
AP Environmental Science

Mary Lynn Huett
AP Chemistry Summer Assignments

Terry Beasley
Calculus, Precalculus, AP AB Calculus, Honors Analysis Summer Assignments

Michael Washington
AP BC Calculus & Honors Algebra 2 Summer Assignments