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GAC is a great school.

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Annual Fund

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Your generosity makes GAC's extraordinary education possible.

The Annual Fund is GAC's most important giving initiative. Because tuition only covers 85% of the cost of a GAC education, we depend on the Annual Fund to make up the difference.
Your participation is critical and reflects your commitment to all that happens here. For every student.Our 2021-22 Annual Fund seeks to raise $750,000 to fund the operating budget in key areas. Annual Fund gifts are tax-deductible and can be paid by May 31 the following year.

Please prayerfully consider increasing your Annual Fund gift over last year. Greater participation at all levels will increase GAC's ability to enhance your child's educational experience. Every dollar directly impacts our students. Projects directly funded by this year's annual fund campaign include:

  • Academics
  • Campus Safety and Health
  • Spiritual Life
  • Student and Community Life
  • Technology upgrades

2021-2022 Annual Fund

Participate in the premier giving society of the GAC Annual Fund.

We are deeply grateful for the leadership demonstrated by our Jesse Long Society members.

The Jesse Long Society, established in 2009, recognizes those individuals who support the GAC Annual Fund with leadership-level gifts that set the pace for giving at the school. These gifts set an example of generosity for our entire community and are vitally important for ensuring that GAC continues to offer high-quality programs and life-changing opportunities for every single student.

Jesse Long, Founding President

The story of GAC is truly the story of God taking a group of ordinary people with not much more than a dream and using them to build an extraordinary house more wonderful than their dreams.

The Difference a GAC Education Makes


Tina Bullard
Associate Director of Development

Dr. Katherine White
Vice President of Advancement