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GAC is a great school.

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Gift Planning

One Family's Legacy of Generosity to GAC

Since 1963 the small Christian school grew in vision, numbers, and programs, gradually at first, then substantially over the past two decades becoming an integral part of metro Atlanta’s faith and learning community.

GAC’s continued growth and success will require generous support form those who love and believe in it. You have the opportunity to make a difference. 

You can help one of the most distinguished, energized Christian K-12 schools in the nation to excel in academic and arts honors, athletic prowess, caliber of college admissions and success, as well as program development and innovation. Greater Atlanta Christian School is an uncommon school that proactively embraces the needs for tomorrow’s students rather than be content with status quo norms—with an eye toward the new world, and a heart built on godly faith, ethics, and commitment. As you think about creating your enduring legacy, we hope GAC is one of the organizations you choose to support. Your generosity will guarantee that we can pursue our mission for the benefit of generations to come.

The best way to give depends on your situation and should be discussed with your attorney, accountant or financial advisor. Greater Atlanta Christian School’s Office of Advancement & Gift Planning team is ready to work with you and your advisors, in confidence and without obligation, to help you explore and achieve your personal, financial and philanthropic goals.

Special Recognition: The Legacy Society

Greater Atlanta Christian School created The Legacy Society to honor individuals and families who have made planned gifts of any size to benefit GAC. Members receive the opportunity to attend annual appreciation events, recognition in publications (unless anonymity is requested) and the gift of making a lasting impact on generations to come. 

If you name Greater Atlanta Christian School as the beneficiary of a planned gift of any size, we want to welcome you as a Legacy Society Member. 

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Dr. Katherine White
Vice President of Advancement

Tina Bullard
Associate Director of Development