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GAC is a great school.

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Jesse Long Society

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Leadership Giving

Our community’s legacy of generous giving has created the school you see today, where unparalleled academic opportunity intersects with a deep and abiding sense of God’s goodness and grace for over 1,800 students. Tuition covers approximately 85% of GAC’s operating budget. It does not support new building construction or the development of new programs. Additional funding is sought from friends, parents, grandparents, alumni, and foundations. Generosity and faithfulness are in the fabric of our history and continue to be a blessing to GAC.

The Jesse Long Society recognizes leadership giving by donors who contribute $2,500 or more to Greater Atlanta Christian School’s Annual Fund. Gifts of this level are vital to our mission. Jesse Long Society members are the founders of our future, ensuring that our school continues to offer high-quality programs and life-changing opportunities for every student.

Thank you for considering becoming a member of the Jesse Long Society.

Jesse Long, GAC Founding President

"The story of GAC is truly the story of God taking a group of ordinary people with not much more than a dream and using them to build an extraordinary house more wonderful than their dreams."


Dr. Katherine White
Vice President of Advancement

Tina Bullard
Associate Director of Development

Allison Dawson
Development Officer

Nate and Tonya Henry, GAC Parents

"We give because we believe in GAC’s mission and vision and
want to do what we can to help the school continue to fulfill both. Our children are receiving something far greater than any dollar amount we could give, but this is one way to show our appreciation."